Program Activities

Each day campers will engage in activities centered around sports and fitness, personal and intellectual enrichment, academic interests, and just plain fun. Activities make full use of indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, play areas, science and computer labs, library, and classroom space.  Exciting activities are planned around a different theme each week!

The camp day is includes 5 Activity Categories: Use Your Noodle, Adventure Quest, Just for Fun, Sports, and our newest edition this summer, Campers Corner!



Campers get to enjoy indoor, and outdoor games and activities appropriate for their age.  The campers learn team building skills, fundamentals of sports, and engage in friendly competition.


                                                                                      Just for Fun:                                                                                   The theme of Just for Fun this summer is "Summertime Memories!"  Oh, the "FUN" we will have with theme-based activities and our imaginiation.  Campers will create masterpieces to take home and enjoy!  Each week during Just for Fun, campers will enjoy "Water Day," where they will have the opportunity to go on the newest addition to camp, The Tropical Water Slide, and play different water games!  


                                                                                        Use Your Noodle:                                                                                        Use your noodle incorporates academic activities in reading, writing, math and teamwork skills.  All activities are adapted for each age group to help campers keep their classroom skills sharp, while still having fun throughout the summer.


                                                                                   Adventure Quest:                                                     

Adventure Quest covers a wide range of activities and subject areas including science, technology, world cultures, and languages.  Many activities incorporate the themes of each week.  Campers are engaged in completing various experiments, inventing things, and participating in critical thinking scenarios.  


Campers Corner:

Campers have the opportunity to participate in more fun, engaging activities.  These activities range based on the various age groups.  Examples of campers corner are activities in the areas of cooking, knitting, karate, sporting events, and much more!  


Special Activities and Events come to the campus throughout the entire summer.  The Franklin Institute comes on site and implements different programs.  The Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania come throughout the summer to do different activities with the girls.  The Tropical Water Slide is set up each week for our "Water Day" every Wednesday.  Other specials include karate, robotics, and much more!

Examples of our program activities are but are not limited to:

Sports and Fitness



Frisbee Football


Floor Hockey

Scooter Races


Capture the Flag



Use Your Noodle

 Skills Sharpeners

Fun With Math

Creative Writing


Work with Technology

Centered-Based Activites

American Sign Language

Theme Based Activities

Adventure Quest

Space Explorers

World Culture/Lanuage

Technology activities

Science Experienments/Activities

Critical Thinking Skills


Themed-Based Activities


Just For Fun

Paper Airplanes



LEGO Activities

Various Arts & Crafts



Inside Games

Outside Games

Snack and Movie Fridays

Themed-Based Activities

**Please note: Not all of these will be done in every week.  These are examples of activities that are done throughout the summer.**



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